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Grill Buying Guide | What you need to know when buying a grill

What type of grill is best for you?

How much should I spend on a grill? 

Answering these questions will help you identify your needs when it comes to buying a grill. 
What type of grill is best?
Ready to get in to grilling season and turn up the heat? If you're reading this, you're in the market for a new grill. There are a lot of options available, we'll help you narrow down your choices so you are completely satisfied and pick the right grill for you. 
Fuel type
With so many grills available, a great place to start your decision is picking your fuel type. You should ask yourself what your cooking style is, or what your grilling goals are. 
Gas Grills
Gas Grills are the most common fuel type available. These gas grills can come standing on a cart, or built in to BBQ Islands. These grills have the ability to connect to propane, or use conversion kits to use natural gas. Click Here to be taken to our grill collection to find the right gas grill for you. 
There is much debate over whether natural gas or propane is better for gas grills. Natural gas burns cleaner and is much better for the environment when it comes to greenhouse gases. Plus, natural gas is cheaper and you won't have to drag your propane tank somewhere to get a new one/refill. However, you won't be able to move your grill as this is an anchored connection.
Liquid propane is the most popular option, and it is easily portable. You can take it with you camping if you need to use a camping stove/grill. However, this is pricier (still more than affordable). 
Can't decide which you want? Most gas grills can accommodate both, so you don't have to stress this decision just yet. 
What are the benefits to a gas grill? Full control over your grilling surface. You can turn the heat up, down, or across specific cooking surfaces at will. A gas grill like the Blaze Professional 34-Inch Built-In Propane Gas With Rear Infrared Burner is a great built-in grill option, or the Fire Magic Aurora 24" Portable Gas Grill A430s w/ Flush Mounted Single Side Burner for a portable cart option. These options are great for steady cooking. 
A grill masters classic. What's good about charcoal? It can give a grill master the traditional smokiness that most people imagine when they think of grill flavor. 
Charcoal grills lack controls to regulate the amount of heat either by increasing or decreasing, but they are a very affordable option when purchasing a grill. You can find one of these grills for around $50. 
Pellet Grills
Pellet Grills such as the Broil King Regal Pellet 500 Pro use wood pellets to add smoky, wood-fired flavor to your food. This is particularly effective when slow cooking and can produce extremely tasty or tender meats. However, these pellets can be expensive and are a little harder to find than charcoal or propane. 
Pellet grills use hoppers (pellet storage compartments) to store and feed your grill/smoker pellets to keep constant heat. These pellets are moved from the hopper in to a burn pot by a rotating auger. These grills vary in price based on the brand. Check out Broil King here. 
So, you have decided what type of gas is right for you? Even if you haven't, we can start thinking about what size you need for a grill. 
Most medium sized grills will do well when cooking for 4-6 people. Grills that are 400-500 square inch cooking surface a great for most people. Check out the Summerset TRL 38" Built-in Grill. A grill of this size should be more than enough for anything you can throw at it. 
Need a larger grill? Let's keep it simple. Most standard grills come with two burners. The more burners, the larger the cooking surface. If you have a large household try to find a grill with four or even five burners. 
Add ons and extras
Newer model grills are with app monitoring through your smart phone. Check out the Broil King Regal Pellet 500!
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